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About Us

For over 40 years the owners of Cornerstone Roofing & Gutter have been serving southern Colorado with top quality roofs and gutters. We provide free inspections and insurance estimates and will work with your insurance company so your new roof is hassle free. Plus our customer service department will walk you through every step to make sure it’s a fast and easy process. Cornerstone Roofing & Gutter is licensed and bonded so all work is guaranteed. Call cornerstone roofing for your free estimate, because integrity is the cornerstone of our business.

Cornerstone Roofing & Gutter FAQ

Do you charge for claim assistance?
NO! We will assist you with your claim from start to finish for free!

Our claim management program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our customers.

Call today and we will be happy the help you start your claims process.

Who do I call first? Roofer or Insurance?
In most cases it is wise to have us take a look at your roof first. We can make sure the roof is eligible for a claim before you call your insurance company. If there is damage, we will also be happy to meet your insurance adjuster and make sure the specifications of your claim are correct.

The way a claim is filed can very often effect the way it is settled. Please call us before you call your insurance company and we will make sure you get started right.

Can I get the depreciation back?
In most cases, yes. Usually, residential policy claims have depreciation which is initially withheld. Unfortunately, many homeowners never have recoverable depreciation explained to them and as a result, they will commonly miss out of thousands of dollars of their claim. After the work is completed, we will help you work with your insurance company. We will provide them with all the necessary paperwork which will usually allow you to get ALL of the depreciation refunded!

There are many small details and variables which apply to each specific claim. Call today and we’ll make sure you understand your individual claim fully before you call your insurance company.

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Rory Huskin - Owner

Rory is the owner of Cornerstone Roofing and is a 3rd generation roofer who has over 40 years under his belt roofing right here in Southern Colorado. As a local who grew up here in Pueblo, Rory has built Cornerstone Roofing into a company that gives back to its community and takes pride in excellent craftsmanship.