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About Us

Revolution Jewelry Works is a custom jewelry design studio located in the beautiful mountain city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We focus on unique fine jewelry, custom jewelry design, jewelry repair and offer on-site gemstone faceting services. Our experts can help you create the design of your dreams in Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Silver. We have state-of-the-art technology on-site to build your vision with CAD/CAM software. Your jewelry can be visualized digitally before it is even cast, ensuring the finished piece will be exactly what you have been looking for!

In our studio, you will only work with the artisans who understand jewelry. We know the mechanics and tolerances of metalworking, the intricacies and finite details of fine gemstones and diamonds, and we are happy to share our expertise with you. Our goal is to help you understand your existing jewelry and make better buying decisions in the future so that your collection grows in value and quality.

Revolution Jewelry Works began with the understanding that in our age of technology and readily accessible knowledge, people crave more information in every aspect of their lives. With that in mind, we wanted to create an environment that fosters the curious mind and creates excitement throughout the jewelry buying experience.

We offer free inspections and jewelry cleaning.  It is always more cost effective to fix something before it goes missing.  Set up a schedule.  We recommend getting a jewelry inspection every time you change your clocks, that way if something has come loose, it can be fixed before it goes missing.  Loose diamonds and gemstones act like tiny saw blades in metal... they are so much harder than the metals that hold them that if they are loose they can quickly cut away at the metal.

We recognize that every person is a unique individual, with life experiences that make up the story of who they are. We want to help you express your individuality through jewelry! If you are looking for the perfect gift, our showcases are filled with one-of-kind hand-crafted pieces of fine jewelry from artists across the United States.

Our repair services are unique to Colorado Springs in that every repair is completed on-site. From re-polishing the surface of heirloom gemstones, re-tipping prongs on loved rings, re-sizing a gift to fit perfectly, to rebuilding filigree detailing in a vintage piece – we are the only jewelry store locally that keeps all of your jewelry and gemstone repairs on-site at all times.

Finally, we post actual photographs of our finished pieces so you can see the true beauty of each creation. Anyone with a CAD/CAM program can make pretty pictures of what jewelry could look like, but we want our clients to know our finished products are more beautiful than any computer generated image.