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About Us

The mission at Rocky Mountain Health Care Services is to improve lives, optimize wellness, and promote independence. Rocky Mountain Health Care Services works diligently to keep individuals as highly independent as possible. RMHCS delivers exceptional care to enrich the lives of their participants and empower them to live vibrant, independent lives.  Rocky Mountain Health Care Services works towards this goal through programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals living in El Paso and Teller Counties. All of Rocky Mountain Health Care Services’ programs have worked toward this same goal since 1976.

Our vision and community commitment
We want RMHCS to be known for the best health care services in the Pikes Peak region. We will grow and respond to the health care needs of our community as it continues to change. Our goal is to be supporters of change, while improving and collaborating with others when it comes to providing a range of excellent health care services.

What we care about
We count success in terms of how we treat people—our participants, staff and partners. Everyone at RMHCS values and honors the commitment to our community to help participants lead meaningful and independent lives.

We believe in:

  • Excellence: Producing exceptional results through continual improvement; exceeding expectations.
  • Innovation: Stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone; not afraid of failure.
  • Compassion: Interacting with passion, understanding, and empathy.
  • Collaboration: Actively engaging in partnerships, relationships, and teamwork.
  • Stewardship: Thoughtful decisions to expand to the reach of our mission.
  • Respect: Fully engaged and valuing differences.
  • Integrity: Accepting responsibility, being accountable, and acting with honor.

We strive to work with people who match our core values – visit our Careers page to explore our current openings.

Rocky Mountain Health Care Services FAQ

What types of programs does Rocky Mountain Health Care Services offer?
Rocky Mountain Health Care Services offers Rocky Mountain PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), which helps seniors stay as independent as possible while living in their own homes and BrainCare, which helps those who have sustained a brain injury live as independently as possible.

What types of services does PACE offer?
PACE is a national health care model designed to meet all the medical needs of a senior. We do this through highly coordinated care of the person’s individual needs. We provide medication management, coordination of all doctor and specialist appointments, transportation to medical appointments, home health care, case management, medical equipment needs, personal care and counseling services to those who require these supports. In addition, we also provide socialization and recreation opportunities through our Day Center. Our goal is to keep the person as highly independent as possible.

How long does it take for someone to enroll in the PACE program?
The process can take anywhere from as little as a few weeks to several months, depending on several individual factors. We pride ourselves on helping the person make the transition into PACE as smoothly as possible. Potential participants can join or leave the program at any time.

What is BrainCare?
BrainCare provides daily support for individuals with an acquired or traumatic brain injury. We help participants relearn lost skills and grow toward independence and self-sufficiency and do this through a range of independent living skills training, day treatment services, coordinated care and residential living options. We have supported this unique group of adults in our community since 1999.

What are the program options for BrainCare?
• The Neuropathways Center offers a day treatment model to help support the cognitive and behavioral goals for the individual. These classes may include life skills training, art classes, yoga and cognitive rehabilitation options.
• The Lodge at Rocky Mountain is often where folks start their journey to independence with nursing staff available for higher care needs.
• Our houses, located in residential neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, offer a higher level of independence. Services are provided in the home and in our Neuropathways Center.

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Our Current Programs

The PACE model of care—Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly—is considered the gold standard of care for seniors nationwide.
Seniors who work with our team receive medical and support services to empower them to live as independently as possible in their own home or living community. Our goal is to help seniors maintain the highest level of independence as possible.  Read more....

BrainCare provides daily support for individuals with acquired or traumatic brain injury.
We help participants relearn lost skills and grow toward independence and self-sufficiency through a range of services including a day treatment program with skills training, coordinated care and specialized living communities.  Read more....