How to stream NCAA Tournament games

NEW YORK (KKTV) - March Madness is here. Unfortunately, many of those memorable moments won't be witnessed by millions who are forced to go to work.

For those that can multitask or have ninja-like skills when it comes to hiding your unethical phone use from your boss, there's a way to stream all of the NCAA Tournament games. Some of the early-round games will require a password through your cable or satellite TV subscription. The television networks no longer offer a stand-alone subscription you can buy without cable.

Click here to stream the games live.

The NCAA March Madness website or the NCAA March Madness Live app will have all of the games, regardless of where they are televised. You don't need need a cable or satellite password through the app or website, but they are only available on phones, tablets and computers. Streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV don't have the app.

On desktops and laptops, the March Madness website will have a “boss button” on the upper right corner. One click replaces the game with a fake screen shot of a note-taking or PowerPoint-like app.

Boss Button

Click here to stream the games live.

Click here for more on how you can keep up on all the madness through CBS.