Falcons final Practice before Bowl Week in AZ

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Air Force football took the field one final time in Colorado Springs Thursday morning. It was the teams last practice before going their separate ways for a pre-holiday break at home. The next time the team is all together again will be when they are reunited in Phoenix December 22nd for the start of bowl week.

"Breaking it down for the last time you realize this is the last time we will all be together in this room. Yeah it is a little emotional. I love these guys, I love the seniors, yeah it does kind of hit you." said senior wide receiver Ben Waters.

The season is far from over. Air Force will play Washington State in the 2019 Cheez-it Bowl. This will be their 2nd test against a Pac-12 team this season.

The Falcons are excited for the challenge ahead, sitting one win away from their first 11-win season since 1998.

Win or lose, December 27th will be the last game ever in Falcon blue and white for this senior class.

"It's going to hit pretty hard once the season is over. It's crazy, I have been playing football since I was six years old so it's going to be a big change in my life." said senior defensive back Jeremy Fejedelem.