Colorado Springs basketball player battling life-threatening illness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A high school athlete in Colorado Springs is fighting for his life and making progress.

Doherty High School basketball player Schafer Reichart was hit hard by the flu. It then turned into a life-threatening infection.

"It was a shock," friend Brody Gish told 11 News. "You know, we all kind of thought it was the flu, and I get a call from my dad and he's like, 'Schafe is in pretty tough shape, and he's kind of fighting for his life.'"

"I was super shocked," said another friend, Trevor Olderbik. "I was nervous, but then I prayed to God, so I just knew that he's a tough fighter, so he's good."

Tuesday night there was a moment of silence in a place usually filled with noise. Schafer's friends and Doherty teammates were sporting red shoes and armbands for him in Tuesday night's game against Coronado. Red is one of the colors for Ohio State University, Schafer's favorite college team. While his teammates hit the court, Schafer was about 60 miles away in Denver, laying in a bed at Children's Hospital.

"There was quite a few days if we didn't know if we'd have Schafer," said his coach, Eric Stenert. "It hit us hard. It hit me hard."

All of School District 11 has been showing their support to Schafer. The family has extended their thanks to the community, and Tuesday night took to social media to share some good news.

"So we're going one week tomorrow since our son Schafer contracted influenza which turned into a horrible strep infection," his parents stated in part of the video posted to social media. "[The strep] took over his whole body resulting in heart failure, lung failure and kidney failure. He truly was on the brink of death. We have a different prognoss a week later."

A positive prognosis.

"Rather than him fighting for his life now, he's on the road to recovery," his parents went on in the video. "The next step for Schafer is to get off this ventilator. So we're pretty excited about that."

11 News learned Schafer did not have a flu shot. His family members got theirs last week and they hope others will do the same.

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