Coach Serratore nears 400-win Club at Air Force

Colorado Springs, Colo. Frank Serratore is famous for his witty sound bites and passion for hockey. Now in his 23rd season at the helm at Air Force, he is nearing the 400-win club. When asked about the upcoming career milestone, Coach Serratore responded in the way only Coach Serratore can.

"Just like when people ask what my favorite ring is or my favorite championship is, I just say the next one. Well what's my favorite win...the next one. I don't spend much time looking in the rear view mirror. I think you have plenty of time to do that, what did Kenny rodgers say...when the dealings done. You have plenty of time to look back so I don't look back, I look forward." said Serratore.

Air Force is coming off a 2-game sweep vs Bently. Next up, this weekend they will travel to Robert Morris.