Coach Calhoun talks Graduation and finding the Silver Lining of Extra Time at Home

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 10:52 PM MDT
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With most of the sports world at a standstill, Air Force football is doing their best to continue this Spring business as usual. For Coach Calhoun that means conducting daily video meetings from his kitchen table.

We had the chance to catch up with the head Falcon. One of the harder parts of this "new normal" is not being able to have his 30 seniors over to his house for a celebration dinner. That class will graduate this Saturday. Instead, Coach hand delivered hamburgers and chicken nuggets to each of them on campus.

Another struggle, discovering his lack of domestic skills with his new free time at home.

"Trying to help around the house, a little bit, but I kind of figured out the other day when I put a load of wash into the dryer and dumped the detergent in there, right as it was hitting I thought oh goodness, that's the dryer not the washer. So I had to go clean that out. So there has been some humility that's been discovered along the way too."

Calhoun will watch his 30 seniors graduate this weekend over the live stream from home. His son Tyler, a high school senior is also graduating this spring. Coach has found the silver lining by enjoying the extra time with him before he heads to college.

"I think anytime you go through certain challenges in life, it makes you closer. The appreciation that you have, I think it's been a good thing. Tyler leaves for college here in August and just the amount of time he and I have been able to spend together, telling stories and what not, I find it heartfelt, he might not but I definitely do." said Calhoun.