Call For Action Alert: Beware the jury duty scam

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) The phone message unnerved her.

"It's important you call me back today if you could, ma'am."

Pam didn't want us to share her last name, but she wanted to share her story.

She says she returned the call of a man claiming to be Sgt. Jason Cook. He told her she had signed a document agreeing to show up for jury duty, but never went. Pam told the man she had never received any kind of jury summons.

Nevertheless, Pam was told two warrants had been issued for her arrest, and she would have to come to the El Paso County courthouse to clear it up.

"It sounds so serious, you know, and I'm law-abiding. When I hear bench warrants and arrests, I go, 'My goodness, I didn't do anything.'

"I was ready to go down to the courthouse right away. He said it was the second floor."

Pam's husband interrupted the call, so in her case we don't know the man's true motives. But other viewers who have received the call were told they'd have to pay up to get the warrants dismissed.

There are a couple of holes in the story. First, the man claimed he was with the El Paso County Police Department -- it's the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Authorities will also never call and warn you about an arrest warrant.

"It sounds very official, very legitimate, very threatening," District Attorney Dan May said. "They're trying to get money from you or they're trying to get information from you to be able to do some sort of identity theft."

Grand juries are impaneled much the same way as juries for county or district court cases. The jury commissioner will always send you a notice in the mail. Even if you don't show up, you'll just get another mailed notice, not a threatening phone call.

Crooks are just trying to prey on our ignorance of the court system. Don't let them fool you. If you're suspicious, call 11 News at 578-0000 or our Call For Action line at 457-8211. We'd be happy to check it out for you.