Youth arson on the rise, CSFD works to intervene and educate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) The Colorado Springs Fire Department says youth arson is on the rise.

It’s the fastest growing juvenile crime in the nation.

In Colorado, you can be arrested for arson as early as 10 years old.
CSFD’s Fire Factor programs aim to prevent, intervene and educate youth about the consequences setting fires.

This year alone they've had 75 referrals to the program. About half of those were charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

They look at the circumstances of the fire-setting with the kids and their parents on a case by case basis and help them through the legal process if need be.

They hope parents take the first step in prevention.

"You can’t just put a fire out like you see in video games or movies. In our community we saw that with two devastating fires, and as they are experiencing in Tennessee. So watch your children, talk to them about what can happen, be it financial, or legal, or the physical consequences,” said youth fire-setting intervention specialist Kathy Hook.

If your child has an interest in fire or has been involved in a fire-setting incident, the program is free.

To find out more about the program you can click here , or call 719-385-7376.