Yikes! Texas couple finds massive spider outside apartment door

The massive spider was spotted outside the patio door of the Texas couple's apartment....
The massive spider was spotted outside the patio door of the Texas couple's apartment. (Source: Teouna Thomas, Facebook) (GIM)
Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 3:34 PM MDT
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SAN ANTONIO (Gray News) - Teouna Thomas and her husband Ken freaked when an unexpected visitor stopped by their Texas apartment.

It was a tarantula, about the size of her hand.

“We were horrified!” she said. “We’ve never seen any spider this huge in our lives!”

The Thomases wanted to get rid of the creature, but complicating matters was their 12-week-old puppy who was trying to sniff the arachnid.

“I thought the spider was going to jump on him and bite him,” Teouna Thomas said. “We didn’t know if it was poison or not, so we opened to door and let him in as my husband went out.”

Then, it was Ken Thomas’ turn to play the hero. The giant spider had worked its way to the top of the patio door.

“My husband caught it in a plastic container,” Teouna Thomas said. “When he put the container against the door, I hit the window on the opposite side, and it jumped in.”

With the drama over, the couple called the apartment complex office to pick up their eight-legged friend and arrange for a new home.

Everyone in the Thomas household is safe and sound, but their tarantula encounter might just change their lounging habits.

“We often sit out on our patio at night with no lights, but we won’t be doing that anymore!” she said.

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THIS IS NOT A TOY GUYS...I PROMISE I'M STILL SHAKING. Someone please tell me what this is?

Posted by Teouna Thomas on Friday, June 19, 2020