Woodland Park residents call high gas prices into question

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KKTV) - About a dozen people reached out to 11 News concerned about the gas prices in Woodland Park compared to surrounding communities.

On Thursday gas prices ranged from $2.89 per gallon to $2.99 according to GasBuddy.com in Woodland Park. In Colorado Springs the top 10 lowest gas prices according to the website ranged from $2.24 per gallon to $2.32. In Florissant the lowest gas price was $2.76. GasBuddy.com listed two gas station in Manitou Springs with prices at $2.41 and $2.44. AAA is reporting the average cost per gallon in Colorado Springs sits at about $2.47 as of Dec. 5.

With about a 50-cent difference in gas prices when comparing Colorado Springs to Woodland Park residents reached out wanting to know why. Colorado Springs is about 20 miles away from Woodland Park via Highway 24.

11 News reached out to several gas stations in Woodland Park. Assistant managers at a Conoco station and the Alta Convenience store had similar explanations as to how their prices are set. Both gas stations considered three factors:

1. The price per gallon the business has to pay for gas.
2. Transportation costs.
3. Utilizing a "gas survey" to see what competitors have set their prices at.

Neither assistant manager was able to elaborate on how much they pay per gallon or transportation costs to Woodland Park.

11 News has calls into several city councilmembers and is waiting to hear back to see if city leaders see the gas prices as an issue.

This is a developing story and 11 News will continue to look into the higher gas prices in Woodland Park compared to cities like Colorado Springs.