Women in alleged identity theft ring under investigation by several Colorado police departments

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Three women are under investigation for a wide range of identity theft crimes after two of the suspects were arrested in Colorado Springs late last month.

Police in Colorado Springs, Denver, Broomfield and Estes Park, as well as State Patrol, are currently investigating the trio. More people could be involved, as more arrest warrants are expected.

Heather Honeycutt, Jami Bounous and Tamra Kelly were in prison in Las Vegas together, and after their release traveled to Colorado. Honeycutt and Bounous were re-arrested in April of this year at The Broadmoor hotel after they were found carrying a ledger with personal information. They were sentenced to probation, and then arrested a second time in August for similar crimes. That time, the pair was allegedly carrying counterfeit driver’s licenses, counterfeit debit/credit cards, and four ledgers.

Kelly popped up in September when she was arrested at The Broadmoor for allegedly carrying drugs and financial documents.

At some point following their August arrest, Honeycutt and Bounous dropped off law enforcement's radar. They were located at the Embassy Suites on Oct. 24, staying under an assumed name Honeycutt had reportedly used in the past to rent videos. Police set up surveillance around the hotel and outside the room.

The women allegedly tried to escape police by scaling a third-floor balcony -- only to be met by officers when they made it to the ground.

Police found more stolen documents inside the hotel room.