Woman upset about unrestrained child in front seat

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Who would do something like this? A baby unbuckled in the front seat of an SUV.

Hannah Feldhacker was the mom who spotted them. She told 11 News the pictures were while they were southbound on I-25 on Sunday.

Her husband took the photos from the passenger seat. She believes the baby couldn’t have been more than four months old.

“At first it was like rage, like I was mad," Feldhacker said.

The photos show a baby in the front seat of a black Hummer SUV. The baby is unbuckled, held by the passenger, playing near the window.

"I was just like are you kidding me like that is so dangerous," Feldhacker said.

Feldhacker is a mom of three. Her family was behind the SUV coming back to the Springs from Denver.

"Are you kidding me?” Feldhacker said. “You have an infant in your front seat right now in the middle of rush hour traffic it's raining you were doing 75mph plus, it's not ok."

She reported what she saw to Springs Police. The make and model of the SUV along with the license plate. She desperately wants to make sure other parents don't make the same dangerous mistake.

“To see pictures like this where kiddos are on dashes or climbing around on a seat… unbelievable," CSPD spokesman Lt. Howard Black said.

Police told us, they probably aren't going to track down the driver because they can't prove who was behind the wheel.

"We should move away from what the law is, we know it's the right thing for the safety of our children," Lt. Black said.

Investigators told 11 News a child in the front seat could not only mean traffic charges for a driver, but child abuse charges as well.

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