Woman spotted digging at cemetery

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The hunt is on for a woman spotted digging a large hole at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs.

This is the only photo of the hole Kerry Williams says he saw at Evergreen Cemetery before it was refilled.

Kerry Wilson told 11 News he saw it happening and quickly called police.

"It took me watching for a minute just to realize what she was actually doing," Williams said.

Wilson has been coming to Evergreen Cemetery for years. About a week ago he noticed something pretty strange.

"Noticed a large pile of dirt out beside [her]. At that point I knew something wasn't right," Wilson recalled.

He said a woman was using some flat rocks to dig up the dirt. He said it was a pretty sizable hole, which has now been filled in and fixed.

"Two and a half or 3 feet down -- it was a pretty big hole," he said.

It happened in the grassy area just a few feet from General William Palmer's gravesite.

"I still can't figure out what [her] intentions were," Wilson said.

He tried to notify someone, but the office was closed. Wilson saw a sign near the entrance about vandalism and immediately called the Colorado Springs Police Department, who notified security.

Wilson stayed with security guards for about two hours waiting to give his statement to police.

"I know the security guard said that Evergreen would want to file charges," Wilson told us.

He said the security guards talked briefly with the woman, who eventually left the area.

Now Wilson is left wondering the same thing so many others are wondering: why was the woman there and just what was she doing?

While police officers didn't respond to the scene immediately, investigators told 11 News this is an open and active investigation.

Wilson said the woman has shoulder-length black hair.

If you have any information that could help, call Springs police right away.