4 sentenced for roles in murder of a Colorado Springs mom

LEFT: Victim, Courtney Beaudette RIGHT: Shayanna Breann Burton

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Three more people were sentenced for their roles in the death of a Colorado Springs mother.

Shayanna Burton was sentenced to 24 years for first-degree burglary and probation violation. She is one of four people who were arrested for the death of Courtney Lynn Beaudette. Beaudette was shot June 1, 2016 after three masked men broke into her home at the Shannon Glen Apartments along North Murray Boulevard, demanding money.

Beaudette's son desperately tried to save his mom's life by running to get a dollar he saved to offer it to the suspects. One of the men shot and killed Beaudette in front of her son.

In court on Monday, Burton claimed she was never in the apartment, therefore she never committed the burglary act. She accepted a plea deal saying she believed the jury would convict her if she went to trial because of the "false" testimony from the three others arrested.

“She [Burton] was there when they hatched the plan," the mother of Courtney Lynn Beaudette told 11 News on Monday. "She [Burton] was there when they passed out the weapon and she let them into my daughter's door, she knocked on the door. She is just as guilty.”

Matthew Robert Moore, Michael Ryan Brown and Dylan Peters are the other three suspects arrested in the case.

Hours after Burton was sentenced, Brown was sentenced to 44 years, the maximum sentence for second-degree murder. Soon after Brown's sentencing, Peters was sentenced to 55 years.

Moore was sentenced to 60 years in prison back in July for his role in the shooting death.

The victim's mother provided a written statement to 11 News back in July on the case.

From Deanna Beaudette, July 24, 2017:
A pair of jeans, and money. The individuals involved in murdering my daughter Courtney, placed more value on these objects than they did her life.

I intentionally hold up a single dollar bill, because to a child this dollar can by him some candy, ice cream or a small toy. But even a five year old child knows that his mother's life is far more valuable than any possession this dollar can buy.

Unlike the individuals who stole Courtney's life, Courtney was not a High School dropout. She put herself through school not once but twice. Courtney went to school full time and worked seven days a a week to EARN the money needed to provide a life for her and her son.

Upon graduation, her gown was adorned with two braided ropes, each of a different color to symbolize her achievements. Those achievements were being on the Dean's list and an Ambassador.

The individuals that stole Courtney's life are selfish, lazy, cowards. They feel they are entitled to take other people's money and possessions.