Woman sees her stolen vehicle on road, follows it until police find 3 suspects

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- Colorado Springs police detained three suspects who ran from officers Monday after they were spotted driving a stolen car.

The owner of the car spotted it near the Citadel Mall and followed it until police tracked the suspects down.

One man was taken into custody, but that was for an unrelated warrant. The other two were taken in for questioning.

The woman's car was stolen Sunday night. She spotted it Monday afternoon when she saw it pull into an apartment complex near the mall. The woman followed the car and called the cops. When police arrived on scene, the suspects drove across the street into the mall parking lot and the three inside took off running.

One suspect was caught in the mall parking lot. Two other men ran across Academy Boulevard and were eventually captured at the Lowe's.

Police are working to find and interview any witnesses that may have seen the stolen car or the people inside.

Police tell 11 News the woman who owned the car did the right thing by letting the cops handle it. The best thing you can do if you spot a stolen car is to call 911 with a location and description of the driver.