Woman lines up 36 hours before event to be 1st in line for Trump rally

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Kim Desch was taking no chances with the Trump rally Thursday night.

Desch and her 76-year-old mother made sure they were first in line at the World Arena by getting there a full 36 hours before the event starts.

"Freezing my butt off right now, but all because I couldn't be more supportive of our president," Desch told 11 News reporter Ashley Franco Wednesday evening, more than 12 hours into her wait.

"We came yesterday and we came [Wednesday] morning and set up at the front door at 5 a.m. and then the Trump campaign guys came out and said, 'You're the front of the line, let me show you where that is.' And I was like, "Yes! This is so cool.'"

She said the weather and the waiting were worth it.

"I'm a Boy Scout mom of two Eagle Scouts, and if you can't camp in the snow, then -- yeah. You have to be able to do it. ... Lots of hot food, lots of, we've got another tent we can put up. We got a tent heater, sleeping bags."

Worth it especially for getting her mom to a rally for the first time.

"She's ever been to a Trump rally. She missed the last one when he was up in Fort Collins, and I told her the next time he came, I didn't care what happened, I would make sure she got here."

And now there they are, first in line.