Woman arrested after allegedly chasing daughter down with SUV

Photo: Pueblo Police Department/MGN
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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - An argument between mother and daughter escalated into a wild chase in Pueblo Tuesday.

Police say the mother tried to run her child down with her SUV before leaving the neighborhood and driving recklessly through city streets. One downed crosswalk pole and dented police car later, officers had the woman in custody.

The incident started on Lancaster Drive Tuesday evening.

"The dispute [between the suspect and her daughter] escalated into an argument and then a physical confrontation," police said in a news release Wednesday. "At that point the suspect went outside, got into her large SUV, and began ramming her daughter`s sedan, which was parked in the driveway. The daughter ran outside and yelled for her mother to stop, pounding on the SUV’s window in the process. The suspect then began driving erratically in the street, driving in circles as her daughter stood near the sidewalk. The suspect eventually sped up, followed behind her daughter as she ran away in the street, and attempted to strike her with the SUV. The daughter ran across the street and through two yards as her mother pursued, driving through the yards."

The daughter was able to run to a house across the street. Police say the suspect went back to her home and got into her daughter's car. By this time, officers had been called to the scene, and they saw the suspect traveling in the area of Lake Avenue and West Pueblo Boulevard.

"The sedan appeared to make a quick turn but spun out of control and went off the south side of the road. The vehicle struck a crosswalk pole and knocked it over, which caused damage to the vehicle’s left rear tire. Officers attempted to apprehend the driver, but she swerved around one officer’s marked patrol vehicle and struck another officer’s marked patrol vehicle."

No one was in the squad car at the time.

The suspect allegedly made it over to I-25 and Abriendo Avenue, where her wheel had started smoking.

"Another officer saw the sedan ... and observed smoke and sparks coming from the rear of the vehicle. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver was undeterred and continued northbound at a high rate of speed on the damaged wheel. The officer terminated the pursuit as the vehicle passed the 13th Street exit."

The driver finally lost control of her daughter's car near the Highway 50 bypass exit and crashed just after merging onto the bypass. Witnesses pointed officers to the vehicle's location and police were able to take the driver into custody.

The driver has been identified as 39-year-old Jolene Iacabone. Iacabone faces several charges for her alleged actions, including vehicular assault.

No officers were injured and no injuries to the daughter were reported.