When will the Drake Power Plant close?

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The future of the power plant in downtown Colorado Springs is up for debate. It will close. The question is, how soon?

Tuesday night, City Council held a public meeting hoping to help give them direction on what to do.

People from all sides showed up to argue their points in front of City Council. Council, which also doubles as the utilities board, only has about two weeks to decide if they're going to make a recommendation at their December meeting.

It was standing room only, and even space on the floor was limited.

"If the earth were a bank, she would've been bailed out years ago," one citizen said in front of council.

"Every year, that power plant undergoes things to make it more efficient and cleaner," another argued.

The plant will be decommissioned no later than 2035, but right now, the options for Springs Utilities includes decommissioning the plant by 2030 or 2025 at the earliest.

"Well, I'm here because I'm representing my school, who wants to see a clean and safer future that the government does not control," school-aged Jamison Weise said.

Those against decommissioning the plant sooner say families will pay more for utilities when it isn't necessary.

"This isn't anything in my opinion but development and my electricity bill is more important than a baseball stadium," one citizen said.

The plan to decommission Drake Power Plant hasn't been without controversy.

Just last month mom Leslie Weise filed a lawsuit against the city after she was accidentally given a copy of the plant's emissions report.

"I opened it and quickly realized the report showed the pollution from this plant, showed violations of the air quality study," Weise said.

A fire at the plant in 2014 appeared to be the catalyst for neighbors calling on the utilities board to shut down the plant.

The utilities board is set to meet on Dec. 18, and that time, they'll either decide when to shut it down or push the decision to a later date.