What you need to know about the Colorado blizzard

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The information in the following article may be outdated.


Click here for information from the city of Colorado Springs.

Current major road closures (last updated 9:10 p.m. Thursday)

- I-25 was OPENED between Baptist Rd. and Plum Creek Parkway in both directions just before 3 p.m. (Colorado Springs to Castle Rock)

- Highway 24 WAS OPENED from Colorado Springs to Falcon.
It remains CLOSED from Falcon to Limon.

- Highway 94: Was opened from Colorado Springs to Ellicott at about 9 p.m. There was a "safety closure" from Elicott to Rush at that time.

**NOTE** Check the latest highway closures by visiting CDOT. Click here

Click here to report a downed tree within the city of Colorado Springs.

A Calhan firefighter tells 11 News the roads are impassable on Highway 24 and places nearby. Firefighters are having a difficult time reaching people. It's strongly advised that motorists stay home, as help may not be able to reach everybody due to blizzard conditions.

All Red Cross shelters were closed at about 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Search and rescue
Hundreds of motorists are stranded on roads, impending plow operations and overwhelming search and rescue crews. Drivers stuck on roadways but not in immediate danger may be stranded for several hours. The city of Colorado Springs and El Paso County officials are imploring the public to stay off the road!

Where to go for outage information

But if you must drive, follow these CDOT tips

  • Check your tires: Worn tires can't grip the road well and can be extremely hazardous.

  • Leave extra room

  • Drive for conditions: In poor visibility, don't drive faster than you can see ahead.

  • Bow to the plow: Snowplows need space to work, so don't drive too close!

  • Don't leave without these essentials! You want to be safe if you're stuck: Blankets, water, a flashlight, a shovel, some nutrition bars or other food for sustenance, sand to help gain traction in the event you become stuck on ice or snow, jumper cables and an ice scraper.

Wind gusts are approaching triple-digits in places...