Red light cameras coming Tuesday: What you need to know

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - If you don't stop at the stop light, cameras will now be watching.

Tuesday, police will turn on the first two red light cameras at intersections in Colorado Springs. The cameras will be in the eastbound lane of East Platte Avenue at Chelton Road and the westbound lane of Briargate Boulevard at Lexington Boulevard.

The city says there will be a 30-day warning period before a $75 fine is put in place.

Police tell 11 News the cameras are designed to catch drivers who simply don't stop at the red light. It won't flag you if you stop a little too far into the intersection or if you turn right on red after a complete stop.

Every case will be reviewed before a ticket is mailed out.

Here's a list of what drivers need to know about red light cameras and their rights:

1. What happens if you run a red light and the camera catches you?
According to Colorado law, a notice or summons must be delivered within 90 days of the alleged violation. The ticket will come in the mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. Attorney Jeremy Loew tells 11 News it should include a picture of the driver, a picture of the license plate, and a definitive picture of them going through the red light.

2. What if the registered owner of the car was not driving?
Loew says the owner of the car will have an opportunity to contest the ticket in court. You will be required to prove that you were not the person driving the car at the time of the incident. You should be prepared to present evidence you were not behind the wheel and swear under oath that you were not driving. This does not mean you must give up the name of the person who was driving.

3. What happens if you don't pay the ticket?
Colorado law states that the city has 90 days to serve the driver more documents or else the ticket will be dropped. However, there could be subsequent fees for failure to respond. Typically, several notices are mailed to registered vehicle owners. If you do not respond, you may be personaly served. If that happens, then the defendant may be charged for court costs.

4. Look for signs
In order for the city to use red light cameras, law requires signs must be postsed to notify the public that a system is in use to detect violations.

5. Will points be added to my license?
Colorado law states no points may be assessed against an individual's driver license for violations detected by a red light camera.

6. Do tickets from a red light camera hold up in court?
Attorney Jeremy Loew says they do and they can. The easiest route may be to just pay the $75 fine.

"If there is a picture of you driving, a picture of your license plate, and a definitive picture of you going through the red light, then it's probably something you should pay the ticket on," said Loew.

7. Avoid the crosswalk
State law requires drivers to stop behind the white line at an intersection. It is illegal to block the crosswalk, but Colorado Springs police tell 11 News this red light camera program is designed to catch drivers who endanger others by not coming to a stop.

Do I have the right to confront witnesses against me in court>
Loew says that is a right drivers will have in municipal court.

"The city is going to have to bring in somebody to testify about the ticket, about what was observed by these cameras, and that person will have to present evidence to the judge for you to be found guilty," Loew said.

You are still entitled to proof beyond a reasonable doubt even if it is just a red light ticket.

Two more intersections will have red light cameras starting this spring. Those cameras will be in the northbound lane of Academy Boulevard at North Carefree Circle and the southbound lane of Academy Boulevard at Dublin Boulevard.

According to the city, there will be a total of 10 red light cameras at intersections around Colorado Springs. The other six intersections will be identified at a later time.