What to know Thursday about the COVID-19 outbreak in Colorado: Deadly cases nears 100

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis says the state is not prepared for the inevitable surge in COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks.


-An El Paso County Deputy passed away due to complications likely tied to COVID-19. Click here for a more detailed report on the deputy's passing.

-Both El Paso and Weld County have had at least 16 deadly cases.


The United States is still climbing towards the virus' peak, with several models including ones used by the White House indicating that peak will come over the next couple of weeks.

"I can’t begin to tell you about my frustration to get the masks and supplies we need," Polis said in a news conference Wednesday.

The state is now buying supplies from Chinese and domestic manufacturers. Polis says he expects an influx of supplies soon, but not fast enough to help now.

"We will have a huge influx soon but it doesn’t help us for the next week or two."

The governor is imploring Coloradans to heed the stay-at-home order to slow to spread and ease the strain on the state health care system.

He's also urging people who are sick but don't require hospitalization or more advanced care to remain at home.

"We don’t have the medical capacity to treat everybody who might get sick and has the potential to get better. We need to use critical time to increase medical capacity.

"... Nine out of 10 of you won't need medical intervention. There's nothing we can do besides tell you to stay in your home and self-isolate. There's no medical difference."

More things to know Thursday:

- In the same news conference, Scott Bookman with the state health department broke down the challenges ahead for Colorado.
- Bookman said hospitals are expecting a surge of patients between April and July, most who will require intensive care and ventilators for as long as 11-20 days.
- The state is working on a four-tier plan in advance of the surge with the goal of getting everyone care at the right time.
- The plan includes a goal of 5,000 ICU beds by April 18 and turning facilities into medical shelters with 10,000 beds by May 15, where people can be moved to and free up hospital space.

- Polis says there is an "alarming" number of people still traveling to the mountains despite the stay-at-home order.
- "This is not a vacation. This is a pandemic that the world hasn’t seen in 100 years. You’re putting yourself at additional risk by going there. That's just dumb."

- Wondering how to report someone not complying with the stay-at-home order? The Colorado Attorney General's Office released more information on the public health order Wednesday, including how the order is enforced and what citizens can do if they suspect someone is in violation.

- Parkview Medical Center is now prohibiting visitors, with a few exceptions.

- Colorado Springs is opening a shelter for homeless coronavirus patients.

- Veterans in the Pikes Peak region now have their own testing site.

- Nationally, unemployment claims in the United States hit 6.6 million last week, an all-time high and double the 3.3 million the week before -- which was the previous record-high.

- There is now evidence that as many as 25 percent of those infected with COVID-19 never show any symptoms -- and that those asymptomatic people are a driving spreader of the virus.


- For information and resources on COVID-19, El Paso and Teller County residents can call 719-575-8888 seven days a week. Monday through Friday, the line is available from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Weekends, calls will be taken between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

- The state has a toll-free hotline CO HELP for general questions about COVID-19. That hotline can be reached at both 303-389-1687 and 877-462-2911.

- Those needing assistance with financial services, food, clothing and household needs, mental health, and more can call 211.

-Click here for the El Paso County Public Health COVID-19 website

-Click here for the CDPHE COVID-19 website. The website includes a lot of answers to frequently asked questions from across the state.

-Click here for the CDC COVID-10 website

(These numbers are based on the state website, which updates at 4 p.m. daily. To avoid confusion, we will only be updating these once a day, in line with the state's site.)
CASES: 3.728
- EL PASO COUNTY: 340, (16 deaths, +2 from 4/1)
- PUEBLO COUNTY: 26, (2 deaths)
(All other counties can be viewed by clicking here and scrolling down.)
DEADLY CASES: 97 (+17 from April 1)
The state added this data likely does not reflect the actual number of cases. Gov. Jared Polis also says there are probably thousands infected who have not been tested.