What to do if you have hail storm damage

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) Many people woke up to giant holes in car windshields and their homes damaged from the hail storm overnight Tuesday.

Insurance companies also woke up to overwhelming numbers of calls from their customers. Click here to view a list of in-depth insurance tips.

By Thursday morning, USAA already had 10,000 claims.

The help residents in the area, USAA set up a mobile catastrophe response vehicle located at the Safeway at 6925 Mesa Ridge Pkwy in Fountain.

Kenneth Hastings was just one resident who made a call to his insurance. He lives in Fountain and woke up to the sound of his family home’s skylights shattering.

"I could hear the hailstones hitting the skylights and there was hail everywhere, all over my floors, rain all over my floor. My neighbors called and came over to help and thank God it let up,” Fountain resident Kenneth Hastings said.

"I've never seen hailstones in 3-inch diameter to go through the skylights, it's blowing my mind actually. They're really large,” Hastings' grandson said.

USAA says there are a few things to know following this storm.
Check your home and vehicle for any damage, if there is any contact your insurance company immediately.

Next, you'll want to take pictures of the damage.

If there is damage, you'll want to repair it and keep those receipts for the repairs.

“Make temporary repairs immediately and keep the receipts because what we don't want to have happen is more damage come if we have another rain or hailstorm between the time the adjuster can look at it and get it fixed,” Regional Vice President of USAA Kent Fortune said.

Hastings said he already filed a claim early Wednesday morning.

"Then I contacted my insurance agent, put me in touch with a roofer already. They came out and secured the tarps better than before they showed up,” Hastings said.