Wanted Pueblo man arrested after pulling into same parking lot as officer

Phil Martinez (Photo: Pueblo Police Department)
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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Luck finally ran out for a man who allegedly escaped from police multiple times.

The Pueblo Police Department says he chose the wrong convenience store early Sunday morning.

Officer Brock Ruiz was in the middle of a traffic stop at the convenience store when the suspect in question pulled into the next parking spot.

"The driver didn't get out and go into the store, but just sat and stared at Officer Ruiz," the police department tweeted of the incident. "Well, the problem for this guy is that Officer Ruiz recognized the car as one which has fled from officers, including him, on a few occasions recently."

Ruiz called a second officer to the scene. As soon as he arrived, the car took off again. But this time, the driver wouldn't get far.

"The officers began looking around the area and spotted it in a driveway. When it tried to flee again, [the officers] pulled up and it couldn't get out."

The driver was taken into custody. After he was detained, the officers spotted what appeared to be several grams of meth on the floorboard:

Police say the driver, identified as Phil Martinez, was booked into the county jail.