Suspect at large after bomb threat made over employee radios at Monument Walmart

Reported bomb threat at the Monument Walmart. Photo taken 11/4/19.
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MONUMENT, Colo. (KKTV) - Police are searching for a person who reportedly made a bomb threat over employee radios at a Colorado Walmart.

The threat came on Wednesday at about 2:19 p.m. at the Monument Walmart off Jackson Creek Parkway. The radios used by employees are public frequency radios and an "unknown male" used them to make the threat, according to police. The voice was not recognized by anyone who heard it.

Before police arrived, Walmart management was in the process of evacuating the store. A witness provided a possible suspect description, saying she overheard a man make the threat.

The suspect is described as white, between 25 and 30, 6'1" to 6'2" with a slim build. At the time he was wearing a long-sleeve "desert camouflage" shirt or jacket. Police reviewed surveillance footage and no one matching that description was in the store during the reported threat.

No one was located in the store after it was evacuated. No explosive device was found following a K-9 search and the store was deemed safe by authorities about three hours after the incident was first called in.

Walmart has since reopened and returned back to normal business hours.

"The Monument Police Department would like to thank the citizens for a very orderly evacuation of the store and avoiding the area so first responders could handle the situation," Sgt. Jon Hudson with the Monument Police Department wrote in a release.

"I was there picking up a couple of things ... before I knew it, an employee said, 'Hey, it is time to exit the building as fast as possible,'" shopper Phillip Koontz told 11 News.

The former Navy Seal said his "spidey senses definitely went up" when he heard what was happening; even more so after he spoke with a woman who said she heard the threat.

"He leaned over to an elderly couple and said ‘I have a bomb,’ so she gave me an accurate description. I asked her in detail, ‘Hey, what happened, where did he go, where was it?’ all of that, then we just walked over to the police, the command center, and gave them our description.”

Koontz said the evacuation was done orderly and things remained calm despite the situation.

"I was expecting some sort of announcement over the PA system, which didn’t occur, which was probably one of the reasons why everything was so orderly and less chaotic. I can image if they gave, ‘Hey everyone, there is a bomb threat, leave the building,’ it would have been mass chaos and everyone is running out of the Walmart, right?”