WATCH: Truck slams through homeowner's fence

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - Police have caught a truck driver that slid out of control, slammed into a fence and then drove off.

Surveillance video taken from across the street shows the truck (top of image) sliding out of control towards the fence, spinning into it, then calmly backing out and driving away. (Courtesy of Wayne Blackwelder)

Homeowner Tim Mohning says luckily his family and dogs were all inside when the truck crashed, but it did a real number on his fence.

"We were just sitting in the living room and we heard a thud, like something hit the side of the house, and I went and looked and saw a truck driving away," Mohning said. "Walked out onto the patio and noticed half of my fence was missing, ha!

"It's three sections, so about 24 feet of fence and two posts. They sheared off both the posts so I have to reset those whenever the ground thaws."

Mohning says he would just be happy with an apology and is disappointed the driver just took off.

Mohning's wife contacted 11 News Monday afternoon and said police had located the driver.

There's no word on what charges the driver is facing -- or if the Mohnings will get their apology.