WATCH: Mayor John Suthers re-elected by a landslide

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The results are unofficial, but it appears Mayor John Suthers will continue to be the leader of Colorado Springs. Watch a speech given by the mayor at the bottom of this article.

Mayor Suthers was re-elected by a landslide Tuesday night. With about 90 percent of the ballots tallied, he had more than double the votes of all the other candidates combined.

"I have always and I will always make the decision that I sincerely believe is in the best interest of our city as a whole," Mayor Suthers said Tuesday night. "I believe that is the essence of political leadership."

Former Secretary of State Wayne Williams will take one of three at-large seats on the nine-member City Council. The other at-large seats were won by incumbents Bill Murray and Tom Strand.

In a way Mayor Suthers won two races Tuesday night. Suthers opposed Issue 1 and Colorado Springs firefighters won't get collective bargaining privileges. Issue 1 was shot down by the voters, also in a landslide.