WATCH: Illegal racing in Colorado Springs in full swing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Dozens of drivers rev their vehicles up and let them rip on just about any weekend night.
Not on a raceway, on public streets in Colorado Springs.

A video obtained by 11 News shows what a typical Saturday night looks like on a stretch of industrial road near Platte and Powers. Cars are lined up ready to race and spectators line the street. At one point in the video five motorcycles race each other at the same time.

Springs police says this is downright dangerous. Over the weekend, witnesses told 11 News three cars were racing on Academy near Constitution when one driver lost control, crashed and died.

People who've seen it, want police to do more to stop it.
But the Colorado Springs Police Department says most times the racers scatter as soon as they show up.

"We also quite frankly are limited by how we respond to street racing and the community safety issues we have to take into account when we're dealing with those individuals,” Lt. John Koch said.

Police say they're trying extra patrols, but this is not a new problem.

In 2013, 84-year-old Jean Davis was killed on her way home from church on a Sunday night.

"She had a heart of gold,” family friend Ann Laird told 11 News.

A driver who was reportedly racing on constitution, slammed into her car, head on. The racer died too.

"It was senseless, there was no reason for it because they were racing down and one the neighbors thought they were going anywhere between 80-100 miles an hour,” Laird said.

Police hope drivers will consider the deadly consequences.

In Colorado Springs, 37 people have died so far this year in various kinds of deadly crashes.
That's just two fewer than all of last year and that was the deadliest in the city's history.
That's why CSPD approached KKTV and our news partners at the Gazette, to get the word out. The thrill isn't worth the risk.