WANTED: Suspect and person of interest for allegedly burning the Colorado State Flag

The person in the black sweatshirt is a suspect in a flag burning case. The person with the green shirt is a person of interest. Photos courtesy Aurora Police.
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AURORA, Colo. (KKTV) - Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down multiple "persons of interest" tied to the vandalism of a U.S. flag in Colorado. Police are looking for the person who burned the Colorado State Flag.

On Thursday, police released new photos of a suspect and person of interest. Those photos can be viewed at the top of this article. The man in the black sweatshirt is a suspect. He is being investigated for reckless kindling of fire and injury to property for burning the Colorado State Flag. The person with a green shirt on his head is a person of interest.

The incident happened on July 12. The Aurora Police Department also shared photos of the other "persons of interest" on Tuesday. Those photos can be viewed at the bottom of this article. They were reportedly involved with removing and vandalizing a U.S. flag. Police need help identifying them.

As of Thursday, no arrests have been made in the case.

A reward up to $4,000 is being offered in the case. If you have any information you can email apdcrimetips@auroragov.org.