WANTED: Creepy criminal who kicked down a door in burglary

WIDEFIELD, Colo. (KKTV) - A bold break-in -- and the suspect was caught on camera.

Take a look at the video on the top of this article. A family in the Widefield area shared video of a man who they say kicked down their back door and took off with a jewelry box.

The resident is sharing this video because she wants this guy caught.
What bothers her most about this burglary is the bold behavior. In the video, you can see the man spots the camera -- then breaks in anyway.

The man captured on Kimberly Fisher's security camera came prepared.

"The invasion of privacy is just so intense," Fisher said.

In less than a minute from knocking on the front door, she says he kicked down her back door.

"You can see where he kicked it," Fisher stated, showing the damage done. "He even dented it."

He rushed into the house and stole a jewelry box right out of her bedroom. Fisher says it happened the day after she installed her alarm system. She watched it all from her home security app on her phone.

"I started freaking out, basically," Fisher said. "I mean, how could you not? This is your home."

"He knocked several times. I'm thinking he was just making sure nobody was home."

Then he spots the camera.

"He even punches my Ring doorbell a couple of times before walking towards the side of my house," Fisher said.

He even starts talking to her dog. When he sees no one is home, he walks around to the back of the house. You can hear the door get knocked down and the alarm go off.

In just 40 seconds after breaking in, he was out the front door with her husband's jewelry box. Inside were watches and some pins that belonged to his grandfather from World War II.

If you recognize this thief, she wants you to call authorities. You can reach the sheriff's office at 719-390-5555.