Voters shoot down new jail for Pueblo County

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Voters said no to a tax increase for a new jail in Pueblo County Tuesday night.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor told 11 News if the ballot issue didn't pass, they would have to go back to the drawing board on solving several issues tied to the current jail.

Taylor has been outspoken that the current jail has a number of problems. He said there's pretty much some kind of a crisis every day from plumbing issues to overcrowding.

Ballot issue 1A asked voters for a tax increase to build a new jail and turn the dorms of the current jail into a treatment facility.

“There really isn't a plan B. I think we are going to have to sit down and really knock that around and try to make a determination as to where we are going to go from here," Taylor said.

That sales tax increase would've been an additional 45 cents for every $100 spent. That would've raised $145 million over 20 years.

After the issue failed, the county sent out a news release and said the county will have to “take a hard look at possible other solutions to address infrastructure, liability and safety concerns in order to maintain law and order in the most overcrowded jail in the state of Colorado.”

Election results are unofficial until Nov. 24, the deadline for the county clerk to report the results of the post-election audit to the Secretary of State.