Voters pass tax increase for Colorado Springs' largest school district

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV)- The largest school district in Colorado Springs has succeeded in gaining voter approval of a $42 million annual property tax increase, the first increase for the district in 17 years.

D-11, the region's oldest and largest school district with about 27,700 students, had about a 34 percent voter turnout. The extra money will cost homeowners about $3.75 a month per $100,000 of property value.

The revenue will be spent on repairing and refurbishing school buildings, reducing class sizes by hiring more teachers, adding more security officers, improving technology, increasing staff salaries, hiring more mental health workers, and making other improvements.

About $17.5 million of the annual collection will be spent on capital improvements at schools, such as new roofs, air conditioning and remodeling.

Another $13.5 million will be funneled to increase staff salaries, $4.5 million will add more school nurses and mental health staff, $1.75 million will reduce class sizes with additional teachers, $1 million will upgrade technology, $695,000 will pay for enhanced school security and technology, and $3 million will benefit charter schools.

Election results are unofficial until Nov. 24, the deadline for the county clerk to report the results of the post-election audit to the Secretary of State.