Visit from US Education Secretary causes protests in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Secretary DeVos attended the Parents Challenge 20th Anniversary Celebration at James Irwin Charter Elementary School.

The non-profit aims to empower students and families with more education freedom. They provide resources to low-income parents who want to send their children to better schools.

"Rather than directing students to one school or another, you let parents choose and you do what you can to support them whether they decide to put those resources toward public school, private school, private charter school, vocational school or somewhere else, the choice belongs to them," said DeVos.

She praised the work Parents Challenge has done of the years.

The secretary also spoke about her plan for the Education Scholarship Freedom Proposal. She says the proposal could bring in more than 60 million dollars for additional funding for student and scholarships.

Some of the secretary's decisions have caused major controversy across the country.

Amid her visit, teachers and parents lined the street, near Powers and Astrizon to share their thoughts on the secretary.

Protesters tell me they can't support Devos' agenda.

"Teachers everyday spend money out of their own pockets for supplies, for curriculum, for buying things that kids need each and every day. I mean I've bought groceries for kids, so she needs to know what it really feels like to be in public education today and I'm not sure she understands that," said 2nd grade teacher Phyllis Robinette.

The majority of the teachers outside the school told me the same thing. They say Betsy DeVos is de-funding public education and that's causing issues to a lot of our local schools.

Today DeVos said she will continue to work with parents and educators on how to make schools better for everyone.