Vietnam vet's journey to visit friend's memorial

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Steve Pflug was heartbroken at the thought of never getting to visit a memorial honoring his war brother. Through the Sentimental Journey program, started by American Medical Response, or AMR, Pflug was able to final make the journey.

Pflug, a Woodland Park native, grew up knowing everyone around him. One of his closest friends, Eric Dickson, was killed in action during the Vietnam War. In 2017, a memorial was dedicated in Dickson's honor at Memorial Park in Woodland Park.

The memorial was unveiled in August of 2017, but due to illness, Pflug wasn't able to make it. He was afraid he would never have the chance to visit the memorial that meant so much to him.

After almost two years of planning, the AMR Sentimental Journey program pulled off Pflug's dying wish to visit the memorial.

Pflug traveled from Denver to Woodland Park Saturday to be met by friends and family at the memorial. Seeing the memorial for the first time brought him to tears.

“I’m just overwhelmed with love and emotion. I truly am. All of these people I grew up with are here for the love and support today, you know,” Pflug said.

Pflug, a Vietnam veteran himself, said this moment was unbelievable. It was something he had dreamed of doing. He told 11 News as soon as he saw the memorial, all of his old memories of his friend came back to him.

“He [Dickson] just excelled in everything. He truly did. And he’s a friends friend, Johnny on the spot. If you needed help, Eric was there. He was truly there,” Pflug said.

A beautiful day for two old friends to reunite. A day that Pflug will never forget.