Video part of ongoing animal cruelty investigation in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A video shared with 11 News appears to show a person punching and kicking a dog in a Colorado Springs yard. You can view the video at the top of this article, the person's face was blurred because 11 News has received information he is a juvenile.

Video taken in July appears to show a person punching and kicking a dog in Colorado Springs. 11 News chose to blur the person's face because multiple people have informed us the person is a minor.

Animal law enforcement officers in Colorado Springs have been called to the same residence at least nine times trying to make contact with the owner. The owner is facing a charge of animal cruelty, but that charge is not tied to the video.

"The dog was outside without shelter, unattended, which is against the statute and that's what he was charged for," Sgt. Jeff Rigney with El Paso County Animal Law Enforcement explained.

The owner was not publicly identified. It isn't clear if the person in the video is considered the owner, or if the owner is the parent of the person in the video. As of Wednesday, the owner was not facing charges directly tied to the video.

"That video is despicable," Sgt. Rigney stated. "Don't get me wrong. But we have to follow the law as is. We cannot go out and act with emotion because if we do that, we jeopardize the case."

The video at the top of this article was taken back in July. Animal law enforcement said they were not made aware of the video soon enough to investigate.

"If we would have gotten that video back in July, we may have been able to go out there," Sgt. Rigney said. "Maybe there might have been some kind of injury to the dog and we could have taken action then."

Animal law enforcement started an animal cruelty investigation back in September. As of Wednesday, the owner has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals for not providing adequate shelter.

The owner lives off Sod House Trail just east of Oro Blanco Drive and south of Barnes Road on the northeast side of the city.