Vandals tag 'Olympic City USA' sign with graffiti referencing De'Von Bailey shooting

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 9:37 AM MST
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Vandals targeted a city welcome sign on the north end of the Springs, tagging it with graffiti referencing the controversial

Scrawled in red spray paint, the words "De'Von Bailey will not RIP" garnered plenty of notice during the Tuesday morning commute. The graffiti appears to have been added sometime between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

The current version of the "Olympic City USA" sign is fairly new, having been up

City crews had the graffiti cleaned off by 9 a.m. but had to return to the sign at least twice to take care of dripping paint. The city tells 11 News it cost them $800 to clean the sign.

They are planning to press charges if a suspect is identified.

Some members of Bailey's family told 11 News reporter Spencer Wilson they were angry over the graffiti, interpreting the message as one meant to hurt them.

"The note that was left, 'De'Von Bailey will not RIP' is sickening and heartbreaking, and for someone to imitate blood is disgusting," an aunt told Wilson.

The vandalism comes within days of a

which briefly interrupted the parade.

Bailey, 19, was shot while running away from police on Aug. 3; body camera footage shows an officer repeatedly yelling at the teen to put up his hands before firing his weapon. Friends and family of Bailey have protested the shooting, saying he never threatened officers or gave any indication he was armed. Numerous protests followed in the aftermath of the shooting and have been ramping up in recent weeks after a grand jury found the shooting justified last month.