Vandals strike Colorado Springs neighborhood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Neighbors in Stetson Hills are hoping someone has a tip that will lead to the capture of whoever spray-painted graffiti on their homes and cars Saturday night.

A neighbor who woke up to a spray-painted garage drove around his neighborhood trying to find other victims. That's how Heather Croze discovered the damage to the Ford Mustang parked in front of her house.

"We had somebody ringing our doorbell about 7 o'clock this morning. A gentleman had been driving and seen the car," Croze said.

Vandals had tagged the sides of the car, the trunk, even the Ford Mustang logo.

"We're all trying to file police reports and make sure neighborhood watch and our HOA knows what's happening," Croze told our crew Sunday afternoon.

The graffiti says things like "crips gang" but Croze doubts it's actual gang members who vandalized the neighborhood.

"I think it was probably just some kids, thinking they're having fun and have no problem damaging people's property."

Croze is hoping that someone in her neighborhood might have caught the vandal or vandals on security camera. She's asking anyone with information to please call police.

Police told 11 News Sunday that they were talking to some juvenile suspects who they say may be behind the vandalism, but they would not say more at this time.

"It's frustating," Croze told 11 News, "to know that people just don't care about other people's property. They think it's okay to come by and spray-paint somebody's car just for the fun of it."