VW cars parked south of Colorado Springs moved out, ready for resale

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - You used to not be able to miss it. There were thousands and thousands of perfect-looking cars parked south of Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak International Raceway. Now, they're all gone.

So, what's happening? Tim Jackson, the president and CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, tells 11 News most will be fixed and re-sold.

"They will be available in auctions all over the country," Jackson said.

The Volkswagens were parked in the lot after the 2015 emissions cheating scandal. The scandal forced the company to pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty in the United States.

VW admits that nearly 600,000 diesel cars in the U.S. were programmed to turn on pollution controls during testing and off while on the road.

"Volkswagen was identified to be out of compliance on the vehicle and had to work with the federal government to obtain a fix, a solution, to the emissions issue," Jackson told 11 News. “They bought all of those back from consumers at a very healthy price.”

For years, the VW's sat in the lot along I-25. The numbers slowly dwindled until now. Jackson believes the vehicles will be inspected, the software will be fixed, and then they can re-enter the marketplace.

“They will make a lot of consumers a very affordable a car and ones that will have a lot of life expectancy in them for the future," Jackson said.

11 News reached out to Volkswagen. They sent us the following statement:

"The number of vehicles stored at the Colorado facility has dwindled to about 1,000, mostly through resales to customers in the U.S. We expect to close the facility by July 1."