U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet from Colorado is ending his presidential campaign

David Keith / U.S. Dept. of Energy
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(KKTV) - U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who represents Colorado, announced Tuesday night that he was ending his presidential bid.

The announcement came soon after the polls for the New Hampshire primary closed. At the time he made the announcement he had less than 1 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, after pinning his campaign's hopes on the northeastern state.

Bennet added he would do "absolutely everything" to make sure President Donald Trump is a one-term president.

Bennet wasn't the only Democrat to take his name out of the running Tuesday night. Andrew Yang made the same announcement just minutes before. Yang is an entrepreneur who created buzz for his campaign by championing a universal basic income that would give every American adult $1,000 per month.

The Democratic field has now dropped to single digits. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg finished in a near tie for the lead in Iowa's first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses last week.

Bennet formally announced he was running for president in late April, soon after he completed treatment for prostate cancer. He ran on the platform he tabbed "The Real Deal."

Click here for more on his "Real Deal" agenda from Bennet's campaign website.