UPDATE: Work completed at Doherty High School following 2 fires on same day

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - We took a tour of a local high school after some major repair work was done this summer. It's all because of two fires that broke out on the same day back in May at Doherty High School.

The carpet was replaced in this social studies classroom at Doherty High School.

Earlier this summer, we showed you all the work being done at the school. We told you we had submitted an open records request to find out more information about what happened. The principal offered to let us in to explain.

Now that the work is complete, we got to take another tour of the school.

"Basically we are open for business and ready to go," said Doherty Principal Kevin Gardner.

First, we checked out the art room.

"In these two classrooms, which were most heavily impacted, they pulled out all the ceiling tiles in the ceiling grid," said Gardner. "They did a complete wipe down of every surface, basically the floors, any chairs, tables, equipment -- they have a cleaning process that's dictated by the hygienist."

Gardner said all of this work had to be done because of two fires that happened within hours of each other: a kiln fire in the art room and a dryer fire in another wing.

"The biggest issue that we faced was odor and making sure we got that campfire smell out of everything," said Gardner.

The school's athletic director helped coordinate the work.

"It was a two-step approach," said Athletic Director Chris Noll. "It was restoration, in terms of getting out the smoke, getting things cleaned up, ripping up ceiling tiles and then there was a reconstruction."

"So there was one team that came in, ripped it all apart, cleaned it up. Then there was another team that came in and rebuilt it, in essence," he added.

New carpet was installed in some of the hallways and classrooms. As for the smell of smoke?

"The smell is gone," Noll said. "It's not like it was unhealthy, but it was more obnoxious than anything because it smelled like we were at a campfire. That smell is gone."

"As a community, we know exactly what that's like when we think about Waldo Canyon and Black Forest," said Gardner. "But you get into closed spaces like this, you want to make sure that the air quality is such for your teachers, for your kids, just for anybody.”

All students return to Doherty next Friday, Aug. 18.