UCHealth implements no-visitors policy across all hospitals

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(UCHealth Release) - The following message was sent out by UCHealth on 3/20/20:

Effective 8 p.m. MT today, UCHealth is implementing a no-visitors policy at all of its hospitals and clinics with exceptions for maternity, NICU, pediatric and end-of-life care. Outpatient clinic patients will also be allowed one person to accompany them if needed for support. These new restrictions are in place for the health and safety of patients and their families, visitors and health care workers.

The policy will be disappointing for patients and their loved ones; we encourage patients and their families to maximize use of virtual video connections, chats and phone calls. Most other hospitals in Colorado have instituted similar visitor restrictions.

In addition, UCHealth encourages patients to call ahead if they are on their way to an appointment, emergency room or urgent care and have a fever, cold, or flu symptoms, or if they may have been exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19).