Two men accused in Colorado Springs double homicide will stand trial

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 8:22 PM MDT
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Two men accused of killing two people near a Colorado Springs dog park are going to trial. A 4th Judicial District Court judge just made the decision Friday after a two-day preliminary hearing.

Marquis Hazard and Nashid Rivers will face a jury. Both are facing multiple counts of first-degree murder and first-degree murder after deliberation. Detectives say the victims, 21-year-old Serena Garcia and 20-year-old Marcus Denton were

near Bear Creek Dog Park in April 2018

The judge said in court that both ben have blamed eachother as being the shooters in this case. According to Colorado Springs Police detectives, who testified in court, Rivers and Hazard planned to steal marijuana from the victims. Rivers told a police detective that he and Hazard were both in a car with the victims near Gold Camp Road. Rivers said that they had all gone their to smoke marijuana, and he heard a popping sound when Hazard shot Denton and Garcia.

Rivers family members were interviewed by the same police detective and told a much different story. Rivers' brother told police that Rivers planned to rob the victims, shoot them both, and then set their car on fire. The brother also told police that Rivers was "blood hungry" and had said he needed to get his "first body."

Marquis Hazard told detectives that he and his girlfriend did not know about the robbery or the murders. Hazard told police in an interview that he went to pick up Rivers at the cul-de-sac on Bergamo Way. He said he gave him a ride but didn't ask why.

Colorado Springs Police investigated phone records for both Hazard and Rivers. Those records were brought up as evidence in the courtroom Friday. A CSPD detective mentioned a conversation between both suspects where Rivers allegedly told Hazard he was going to "dome" the victims. The detective said in court that "dome" is slang for a shot in the head.

Both victims' families sat in the courtroom and heard the evidence. The room was packed on Friday with friends and loved ones of Marcus Denton and Serena Garcia.

Serena Garcia's aunt told our 11 News reporter that Serena was like her little sister. She said Garcia was always giving of her time and she wants her to be remembered for her kindness.

Marcus Denton's mother told 11 News that Marcus woud have given anyone the "shirt off his back." Denton's girlfriend also sent us the following statement:

"...He was an amazing person who would do anything for anyone. He was extremely kind, funny, smart, talented and a hopeless romantic. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and wanted the best for everyone. He had a smile and bright green eyes that would instantly brighten your day, a laugh that was contagious and a beautiful voice when he sang. He also loved his friends and family more than anything in the world. He didn’t deserve this and is a surprise to everyone that knew him."

Both suspects, Hazard and Rivers, will be arraigned in District Court at a hearing in November.