Two in custody after alleged carjacking in Pueblo


PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Two men were behind bars Wednesday night for allegedly stealing someone's car in southern Colorado.

Police said the report came in around 11:50 p.m. at a home on Ash Street in Pueblo.

A 23-year old man told officers that he had been "pistol-whipped and robbed" near E. River Street and S. Iola Avenue.,

The victim claimed that he was driving his friend's white SUV and was stopped at that intersection when two men walked up and asked him if he had a cigarette lighter.

That's when one of them allegedly pulled out a handgun and hit the victim in the face with it multiple times.

The victim ran away, but the suspects allegedly stole the car with his friend inside the vehicle.

Other items including the victim's wallet and phone were also stolen.

Shortly after that, police said they saw a white SUV heading east on Highway 50 between Troy Avenue and Highway 47.

The officer attempted to pull the car over, but the vehicle sped off.

The vehicle reportedly took the off ramp to Highway 47 and then went right back onto the on ramp to Highway 50.

Police said the SUV stopped and backed up, ending up on the guard rail.

A man, 22-year-old John Johnson, allegedly got out and tried to run away, but officers were able to track him down.

When police approached the SUV, they found another suspect, 28-year-old Albert Cabrera, and a woman who was the owner of the white SUV.

Johnson and Cabrera were taken into custody and were both charged with robbery.

The SUV owner claims that she did not know the suspects and told police that she had been carjacked.

The crime remains under investigation.