Trump: Tillerson out, Pompeo in as secretary of state


WASHINGTON (KKTV) - Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state, according to a tweet by President Donald Trump Tuesday morning.

Trump elaborated on his decision later Tuesday morning before flying to California, telling reporters he and Tillerson had been "talking about this for a long time" and he believed Tillerson would be "much happier now." Trump said the decision to oust Tillerson was one he ultimately made by himself.

The president added that he and Tillerson had disagreed on a number of issues, including the Iran deal. He had openly disputed with his now-former secretary of state on diplomacy in North Korea -- months before making an about-face and agreeing to talks -- by tweeting he was "wasting his time."

Prior to Tuesday's announcement, Tillerson had recently canceled an event in Africa, citing illness.