Troopers: Driver Nearly Three Times Legal Limit Following Deadly Crash

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We're learning more about an accused drunk driver suspected of causing a deadly crash. We now know how drunk investigators say she was.

Cassandra Griffin was back in court on Monday. She's facing vehicular homicide charges for the November crash in Ellicott in eastern El Paso County.

11 News reporter Katie Pelton talked to the victim's family after the hearing.

Cassandra Griffin reportedly had almost three times the legal limit in her system following a deadly early morning crash in Ellicott.

Troopers said in court her BAC was .218. That blood test was taken at the hospital more than an hour after the deadly crash and nearly eight hours after she told troopers she had her last drink.

Kyle Dunbar, 26, was killed. He was a father and a beloved son.

"He was not only my son, he was my best friend," said Kelly Sifford.

His parents, Ken and Kelly Sifford, are devastated and angry.

"It's amazing that someone made that decision to drink and drive like that, especially knowing that you're drunk, and I mean she was tested an hour after the accident, so you know it was higher," said Kelly.

Dunbar was on his way to work around 6:30 a.m. that day. Troopers say Griffin ran a stop sign and hit his truck.

"It’s hard," said Kelly. “When you think about it, you just fall apart. You’ll never get over it."

The trooper said after the blood draw, Griffin reportedly told him, "the blood draw's going to be high."

"I just hope that justice is served," said Ken.

We talked to troopers in the past about the dangers of driving the morning after drinking.

"If somebody's at a .150, theoretically it's going to take them roughly about 10 hours to sober up," said State Patrol Cpl. Michelle Archer.

"You join the club of a club you don’t want to be in," Kelly added. "You read the stories, I know people who have lost children and you feel bad, but you don’t know how bad until it happens to you.”

Griffin will be back in court in April. We'll let you know what happens.