Trial date set for man accused of running a dog fighting ring

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) A man accused of running a dog fighting ring in Pueblo was back in court on Thursday.

Jerry Grady was arrested back in February after investigators searched his property and took away more than a dozen dogs. A few protesters lined the street in front of a court house holding up signs saying dog fighting is cruel.

The protesters said on Thursday they continue to come out to court because they want people to believe that it’s not about the breed of dog but how they’re raised. They want the blame to stay on Grady.

In court, a judge set Grady’s trial to start on February 25th. It’s expected to last one week.

He was arrested in February of 2018. Investigators took away 19 dogs and according to arrest papers some of them were just puppies, and also according to the arrest papers Grady showed undercover officers around the property and talked about how the dogs would fight.

One of the protesters at the court house said how much his pit bulls mean to him.

"One lead to two and we have three and each of our kids have them and they're attached to them and they sleep in each other's rooms and it's ridiculous. It's like we have six kids and not just three daughters,” said Jerry Maestas, a member of Southern Colorado animal advocates.

A judge ruled back in February that Grady wouldn't get the dogs back. Pueblo animal services said that of the 19 dogs taken away, 3 were returned to their owners, 3 were ordered by the court to be euthanized while the rest were sent to other humane societies to be adopted out.