Colorado thrift store's mission inspires community to donate items

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FLORENCE, Colo. (KKTV) - It's not your ordinary donation. This one is so big it's coming in a moving truck. Inside the truck are housewares and clothing given away by the community, much of it organized by a family and their friends in Pueblo West.

Two Men and a Truck jumped on board to help a thift store in Florence benefitting families in need.

"Just to give things that we are no longer using, that are reusable, I think it's really important," said Tanya DeRose.

DeRose knows the value of hand-me-downs.

"I used to have to borrow my friend's clothes when I was younger," she said.

When she heard about Kim and Dale Nuss' mission to help foster children, she cleaned out some storage space in her home and handed it over to Two Men and a Truck. Click here to read the previous story.

"I just believe it takes a village and everybody has to help everybody," DeRose said. "That's just my heart."

Two Men and a Truck jumped on board to help, too. They donated a truck and two movers to make sure it all made it to Selah Mountain thrift store in Florence.

"It's just amazing that there are people out there that step up to the calling and do what needs to be done to help these kids out," said Jeff Walker from Two Men and a Truck.

"We're just so grateful to get it all," said Dale Nuss.

Nuss said the items will go a long way to helping area families make sure the children they foster succeed.

"They've been through some really horrific things, watching their parents be murdered, all kinds of different things, and they just come out on top," Nuss said.

For more information on how to bring your items to donate to Selah Mountain Ranch Thrift Store, click here.