CALL FOR ACTION: Theft of U.S. mail from post office blue boxes

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This blue box at the post office near Galley and Powers in Colorado Springs was one targeted by crooks.

Call for Action investigator Betty Sexton is told letters, checks and bills dropped in the blue box at that location were stolen on Jan. 3.

U.S. postal inspectors are now investigating.

"This is federal property too," said Erica Boettcher. "I can’t believe it. I’m going to stop using it and tell everyone I know.”

The second blue box hit: one outside the Pueblo County post office. In this case, these two people were arrested. They’re now charged with identity theft, forgery and theft after one of them was reportedly caught in the act trying to cash some stolen checks. 11 News has been informed the two cases are not connected.

Those who had checks stolen are being urged to contact postal inspectors and file a police report. That could help them avoid paying for cancelled check fees from their banks and late fees from creditors.

The best advice is to take the extra time to park and go inside the post office and drop your mail here in the indoor slots. It's not as convenient, but safer.