Theater shooting victims file complaints against state prison system

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Update (6/24): A state committee is meeting Friday to discuss complaints filed by several victims of the Aurora theater shooting. The complaints say the state prison system violated their rights by refusing to say where James Holmes is.

We will let you know what happens at the meeting. Check this page for updates.

Previous story (5/19):
Several victims of the Aurora theater shooting have filed complaints saying the state prison system violated their rights by refusing to say where James Holmes is.

You'll remember, we told you last week in an 11 Call For Action Investigation that we reached out to all 50 states, digging to find out where he is. But no one will say.

Now the case will go before a state committee that handles victims' rights. The panel will then decide whether the prison system did, in fact, violate the victims' rights.

If the state panel finds the prison system is not compliant, it would go to the governor. Then, it would be up to the attorney general to enforce it.

As we've been reporting, Holmes was moved to a prison in another state as part of the Interstate Compact Agreement - where states trade prisoners, keeping their location a secret.

In our 11 Call For Action Investigation, we spoke to the head prosecutor for the theater shooting case and to a victim's father.

"I'm frustrated," said District Attorney George Brauchler. "This is a guy that was brought to justice in this community for murderous acts he committed in this community, against people who live in this community. He ought to be serving his time in this state."

"It's again, one of those instances where it looks like defendants have better rights than the victims do," said Tom Sullivan, Alex Sullivan's father.

11 News even asked the governor last week and he told us he doesn't even know where Holmes is, and he doesn't want to know.

"If they're rules that they don't want people to know where someone – if I knew where he was, then I'd have a harder time saying to you, 'don't ask me, I don't know,'" said Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The panel meeting was supposed to be held Friday but it has been postponed because one of the victims requested more time. It has not been rescheduled yet. We'll keep you updated.

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